The 20-Minute Interview: Meet our Project Manager, Becke Cressler

Craig Kazda  |   August 29, 2018   |  Posted in The QD Team

Meet the newest member of our team, Becke Cressler! Becke is our Project Manager and we’re excited for her to whip us into shape. For this interview, we talked with Becke about her project manager responsibilities, how she became a project manager, where you can find her outside of work and more! Grab a coffee and read the latest edition of our 20-minute interview.

Becke Cressler

Name: Becke Cressler
Title: Project Manager

On what clients can expect when working with her

I’m the Project Manager at Quantum Dynamix and it is my job to make sure that the products and services we deliver to our customers are done on-time, on-budget, and at the quality level that we’re known for.  I’m an advocate for the clients. I’m really passionate about making sure the things we make provide a positive and accurate reflection of the brand positioning and its value proposition. Put simply – I help them get things done!

For me, marketing content – whether it’s a website or a landing page or an email – they’re tools. They are trying to drive particular actions in our audiences. I’m here to make sure that we never lose sight of the outcomes we’re targeting.

On her evolving career path

I started in content development as a marketing analyst. I quickly moved to project management after that which is really where my career began. I did project management, moved into doing training, then teaching at the university level for a while. Then I moved into marketing management, which I was doing for the past 14 years.

But the whole time I was in marketing management, I really missed having clients. I missed that diversity in terms of meeting new people and doing different things. Within the marketing management wing, there’s a lot of day-to-day administration. Your objectives are different than working in an agency. Project management within an agency is much more appealing to me. So I’m excited to be back!

On what she loves about project management

There’s no getting around the fact that effective project management is full of challenges. It’s about coming up with creative solutions to the pitfalls you run into. The bigger the project, the harder it is for people to know at the very beginning where it is you’re headed. So I like the fact that I can help clarify those things at the beginning and then serve as the checkpoint along the way.

I get to come up with creative ways to address the things you run into in the middle of project development that you never expected. It’s always different. Every client is different. You meet a lot of interesting people. I learn a lot about different industries. It’s just inherently appealing to me to start with a concept and help get it done.

Project management isn’t glamourous. On some level it’s like electricity. When it’s not there or it’s not working the way it’s supposed to – it’s a big, noticeable problem. But when it’s being executed well, it can kind of fade into the background.

On where you can find her when she’s not working

I’m the new president of the Manheim Central Band Boosters – so there’s that! I’m very involved in my kid’s activities. I love theater and music. I hate gardening, but I do it because weeds are not a good thing. I have two dogs I pretended I was going to do agility training with – but instead I just have two dogs.

I love to cook and I’m pretty good at it. My dad was a self-taught chef. He started learning when he was in the army reserves and when he got older it became his hobby. So I grew up playing in the kitchen with him. And now my kids cook with me. We turn the music on, make some messes, hopefully end up with something tasty.

On how she ended up in Lancaster, PA

I’ve lived in Lancaster the longest time I’ve lived anywhere. We moved back here 16 years ago after I had my first child. My family had moved here when I went away to college, so they’ve been in the area for almost 30 years. When we decided to try and have a family life with some balance, we left the Washington D.C. area and moved here. It meant that my kids could grow up near their cousins, aunts and uncles and have a grounded experience.

As a kid, I moved around a lot and it was just our little nuclear family. So the fact that my kids are growing up in a place with extended family has been a very different and positive experience. It’s given me a great support structure. When we moved here my husband actually initially stayed home and I worked. It’s been huge in terms of me being able to perform within my career to have that kind of support.

On her short tenure at Quantum Dynamix thus far

I have found Quantum Dynamix to be absolutely true to their name in terms of the dynamics of the place and the mix of personalities we have in play. There’s a lot of energy and I think everybody is focused on moving things forward and doing the right things for our clients.

How you can connect with Becke

You can find Becke on LinkedIn or reach out to her directly through Quantum Dynamix. Or leave a question in the comments below!

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