Local Multi-Business Owner Eric Kazda Receives YPN Innovation Award

Craig Kazda  |   December 21, 2018   |  Posted in The QD Team


LANCASTER, Pa. – Quantum Dynamix, LLC. (QD) owner Eric Kazda receives the Young Professional’s Network (YPN) Innovate Award. The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry recognizes the next generation of business leaders, connectors and innovators in the greater Lancaster County area by acknowledging the important achievements of individuals to encourage future endeavors. Eric is pleased to be a YPN Innovation Award recipient.

Each YPN award nominee must demonstrate contributions to improving their workplace and community. Both professional and personal achievements can showcase a candidate’s initiatives through various critical and strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills for projects. Eric’s exemplary acts have granted him the opportunity to receive the YPN Innovate Award.

When it comes to success, Eric believes two components matter.

“Only when hard work couples with opportunity can an individual truly succeed.” Eric goes on by saying, “Opportunity is by definition a set of circumstances that make it possible to do something. As entrepreneurs, business owners, and civic leaders, we are keenly suited to provide opportunities to individuals that need them the most. It is up to us to think bigger, speak bolder, and act wiser because when someone succeeds in the power of our opportunities, everyone wins. We all become benefactors of that success.”

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Outside-the-box thinking and acting against the norm are essential to the creative process. Innovating the way business is done improves products and services. Eric’s brother Craig Kazda, co-owner of QD, says that Eric continually evaluates internal processes and procedures to see how alterations can improve QD services.

“Eric takes the time to listen and truly understand the problems of our clients. He prides himself on giving every problem his undivided attention and seemingly does not rest until he finds a satisfactory solution. This drive results in our ability to serve client needs better and to enhance QD’s effectiveness to grow as a company.”

Eric Kazda receives 2018 YPN Innovation Award
Eric is also the president of the Lancaster Marketing Group (LMG).

“The organization is responsible for the successful Insight Marketing Conference (of which he is also the planning chair). In its 3rd year, the Insight Marketing Conference provides a full-day, multi-track conference for nearly 1,000 people and brings in speakers from all over the nation to speak about marketing innovations and tactics that are applicable to any size business.”

Eric’s success and lessons at QD, and participation with the LMG, have inspired him to launch the new Lancaster Virtual Reality Lounge (LVRL), which is the first virtual reality arcade in downtown Lancaster. Lucas Stacey, QD’s Business Development Executive, speaks to Eric’s leadership and innovativeness.

“Eric is an outstanding leader and innovator. His successful creation of QD and LVRL are inspiring. His new LVRL business venture will serve the community in many ways. The LVRL brings a much-needed family entertainment experience to downtown Lancaster, and the business will employ approximately ten new part-time employees. It is even more appealing to know that Eric looks to the future. He hopes to expand his ability to give back by offering discounts to students with good grades, create opportunities for future game developers, and even working to create homework assistance programs for kids.”

Eric says that he is extremely grateful to receive the YPN Innovate Award but notes he could not have done it on his own.

“I know that this award would not be possible without the support of my coworkers, clients, friends, and most importantly, that of my brother and mother. It is a great honor for the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce to recognize me as a leader of innovation. I am thankful for every moment and opportunity that has led me to this point in my professional career, and I aim to continually focus my efforts to be a leader in this community.”

Additionally, Eric is a member of the 100 Men Who Care, as well as continually working to give back to other nonprofit organizations such as VisionCorps, Lancaster Health Center, CASA of Lancaster County, and many others.


Quantum Dynamix, LLC. (QD), is a web and digital marketing firm that specializes in providing holistic marketing strategies along with cohesive website design and development solutions. Since 2008, QD has assisted clients to exceed goals and achieve the impossible.

A 4-time nominee for the Central Penn Business Journal’s Business of the Year, QD has been extremely proud to celebrate its 10th anniversary of operations. Since its founding, the marketing firm has been able to serve clients throughout Lancaster County and the surrounding communities. Its collaborative marketing initiatives and expertise result in many successful project solutions within various industries.

For more information about QD services, please visit their website at quantumdynamix.net. For questions, please contact the QD office at (717) 431-6681.


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Craig Kazda

Craig facilitates the execution of each project from start to finish, helping you convey your vision and bring it to life. Craig’s primary objective is to make certain that all of your needs are addressed throughout the project, from detailed technical specifications to assisting with collecting assets. This allows the staff of Quantum Dynamix to focus on what they do best; creating innovative work that meets your objectives.