4 Surefire Social Media Marketing Tools to Increase Online Bookings

Craig Kazda  |   October 3, 2016   |  Posted in Lead Generation

Today’s consumer is continuously looking for convenient options to make their day-to-day easier. This is especially true when it comes to booking reservations and travel experiences. Offering your customers a quick, easy way to book online can further build customer loyalty and trust. Social media platforms provide businesses with the ability to promote special offers, deals, and specials in a familiar consumer environment.

Here we’ve compiled the best ways to encourage bookings through the use of social media channels. Gain a better understanding of the tips and techniques you should use to create a positive social media bookings campaign for your business.

  1. Harness the Power of Pictures – The growing popularity of Instagram, along with the sheer volume of photos shared via this social media channel, proves that a good snapshot is truly worth a thousand words. By utilizing a tool called Curalate, you have the ability to choose which photos social media users discover as representations of your brand. By staying on top of which brand-related images people are sharing online, you can showcase a gallery of the best images from authentic clients. Word of mouth speaks volumes. Combine these curated images with genuine messaging and your bookings are bound to increase.
  2. Go Viral – Have big news to share? Share your excitement with the masses by using a handy social media tool called Babbly. Babbly takes your posts and makes them viral. Essentially, spreading your posts like wildfire. You can choose the number of shares your URL is entitled to and select a category and caption. This tool provides you with great visibility to a diverse audience. The key however, is to not overuse this tool. Make sure that your viral news is truly news-worthy and upholds the integrity of your business’s professional digital presence.
  3. Engage with your Fans – Find clients who love your business and encourage them to help spread the word about your company by using Social Rank. Social Rank helps you identify your most influential and engaged followers. This tool also provides you with the ability to focus in on what type of customers you are attracting. Knowing your audience is an incredibly valuable resource and is paramount for successful marketing campaigns.
  4. Analyze Data – Useful data can be found through a wonderful social media tool called Cyfe. Cyfe allows you to manage important details from an online dashboard which offers insights into your social media, analytics, marketing, sales performance. Allowing you to closely monitor everything and make adjustments as needed. This tool offers pre-built widgets as well as customization options, so you can truly make it your own.

Get in-depth insights into consumer demographics, audience responses to marketing campaigns, and key tracking metrics of new clients all in one convenient location.

If you are struggling with securing online bookings, implement some of these tools to help make your business run more efficiently and secure more online bookings. You will find that combining effective marketing strategy with these helpful tools can greatly increase your bookings, and therefore your bottom line. What could be better than that?

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