Infographic: How Page Load Time Can Help or Hurt Conversion Rates

Eric Kazda  |   March 25, 2017   |  Posted in Buyer's Journey

When marketers realized Google was using webpage load time as a search ranking factor in 2010, it highlighted just how important site speed had become in the digital world. Google had identified a consumer trend that low website speeds equaled unhappy website visitors. But webpage load times have further reaching effects than just your Google search rank.  Having a slow site will also affect the vital conversion rates your website produces. Low speed basically equates to an untrustworthy site in the eyes of the consumer.

In fact, the below infographic highlights some astounding statistics that should motivate you to check and improve your website page speed.

  • 47% of visitors are expecting your site to load in less than two seconds
  • A one second delay means conversions decrease by 7% and page views decrease by 11%
  • 79% of customers who notice performance issues will be less likely to buy from your site again in the future
  • Increased speed led to a 20% increase in organic traffic for SmartFurniture (& even higher numbers are possible – this blogger noted a 39.1% increase in organic traffic when he decreased page load time from 2.44 seconds to 991 milliseconds!)

With Google now confirming that page speed will also become a vital ranking factor for mobile websites, there’s no better time to evaluate how your own site is performing. One of the best ways to start is by utilizing Google’s free analytics platform to review your site speed. Keep in mind that even if your page load time increases from one to only three seconds, you could see your bounce rate increase by 32%.

If your site speed is slower than you’d like, here are some of the most common culprits.

  • Your current hosting setup cannot handle the amount of traffic or content on your site
  • Your images and graphic elements have not been optimized for the web

See the below case studies to understand how webpage load time truly affects conversion rates, and start making a plan to evaluate and improve your own site.

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